Foundation: My Experience as a Woman of Colour

Foundation: My Experience as a Woman of Colour

I guess this post is to moan a little bit and to let you know what I have dealt with in London/Europe as a woman of colour with a deeper skin tone looking for foundation.

MAC was really and truly one of my first introductions to foundation, although having said that my auntie worked in Fashion Fair in the 90s which at the time was great to play around with the lipstick shades were great.

I realised i could no longer afford MAC and one of my favorite foundations by MAC EVER ‘the mac studio stick’ foundation was discontinued !!! I didn’t like any of the other ranges in my shade, i feel like you need to add a lot of other MAC  products to make your skin look half great, in the long run that is expensive so I only began to indulge in their lipsticks, liners and Nail Polishes.

By MAC  coloring i am about an NW 48-50… i get darker in the winter and lighter in the summer, I believe I have bronzed undertones and I am pretty much the colour of chocolate. Unfortunately all that means in the United Kingdom is VERY limited shades.

I tried Sleek revive foundation in hot chocolate and hated it.. it dried out my skin and my undertones were ashy that is any WOC worst nightmare trust me!

The problem is especially in the united kingdom many companies for some reason ignore dark or deeper skin women exist which is a bit unfair… many of my best foundations have been discontinued which is frustrating it feels like sometimes companies simply cannot be bothered to go too deep or maybe shops don’t go into their budgets enough to go darker, its really perplexing to me.

I literally have to go on eBay to find a brand like say L’Oreal and find the foundation in my shade in america when i live in Europe.. where L’Oreal is from? Its crap if you ask me.

so this me sharing my foundation woes I’ve made it a point to hunt down foundations that not only matches my skin colour truly but really really work as a great base to make my skin look beautifully flawless I will document my findings as much as I possibly can, ill probably do some reviews so you can see my big lovely face.





Who is lipstick and shades?

Who is lipstick and shades?

Hello all!

Welcome to my blog Lipstick and Shades my name is Hannah Balogun aka Hannah Lipstick aka Hannarnia!


I created this blog as an outlet to talk about all the things I love, hate and enjoy.. The aim is to try and stay within the topic of beauty and lifestyle.

When i came up with the idea of this blog I was in the middle of a career change.. I had 10 years experience in fashion (styling, creative direction and PR)  I  put my burlesque dancing on hold and  was stuck in a crappy temping job doing telephone work for a university (don’t ask).

I started to feel severely mentally unstimulated having just left a really well known global PR company. I would spend hours and hours at work on YouTube watching make up and beauty bloggers like Pixiwoo,  Alissa AshleyEllarie, Destiny Godly and Styles by Fash  and became incredibly inspired.

I realized as a women of colour especially in the United Kingdom our options are some what limited when it came to beauty..I saw my self buying brands that were stocked in the UK but then things that suited my skin tone was only available in the United states and of course come with a hefty custom charge (if you buy anything over £50).

It then became important to me to be in the know of what my options were when it came to low, mid and high budget beauty brands..I kinda felt that I could have a voice too! I wanted to share what i liked and maybe what didn’t work so well for my skin and of course share my knowledge with others and that was how Lipstick and Shades was born! 

I have to say I don’t want to pigeon hole my self too much as knowing me, one minute I may talk about fashion another day I may talk about my love for the latest Lipstick and Shades (sunglasses)!

As a  disclaimer, I am by no means a professional beauty blogger, writer or make up artist, all the products I buy are out of my own pocket.

I will make spelling mistakes sometimes.

Thank you so much for reading! (I know that was a looooong introduction)

Lots of love

Hannah Lipstick